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  1. Debt collection letters received after filing Bankruptcy may have violated the automatic stay or discharge injunction and you may have the right to recover money!
  2. When leaving a message, a debt collector MUST disclose that he/she is a debt collector. If this information is not disclosed, you may have the right to recover money!
  3. Even though debt collectors are permitted to attempt to collect a debt after its been in default for 4 years, they are NOT permitted to take legal action against you, nor are they permitted to threaten you with legal action. If they have done either of these things, you may have the right to recover money!
  4. If the debt collector or law firm accepts a postdated check or other payment instrument (such as a credit card number) more than 5 days in advance, you may have the right to recover money!
  5. If the debt collector contacts you on your cell phone and causes you to to incur minutes and charges on your phone plan, you may be entitled to recover money!
  6. If you request verification and validation of the debt and the debt collector continues to contact you before the debt has been verified, you may be entitled to recover money!
  7. If the debt collector or law firm threatens you with repossession of your property, you may be entitled to recover money!
  8. If the debt collector threatens to report your account to a credit bureau only to manipulate you into paying the debt, you may be entitled to recover money!
  9. If you have received a collection letter on attorney letterhead demanding payment of the debt or threatening legal action, you may be entitled to recover money!

When everything is said in done, the biggest thing debt collectors do NOT want you to know is:

  1. YOU may have the right to recover money from debt collectors or attorneys who have contacted you! (Why not turn around and use this money to help clear up some of that debt?)


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You have to decide to take charge or be scared and on defense.

We have the information you need to fight debt collectors attempting to collect personal, family, and household debts. This does not cover business debts.

Debt collectors buy old debts from companies or lenders for pennies on the dollar. For them, it’s a business transaction. They are doing whatever they can to get you to pay the debt. They’re facing increased regulation because many have used intimidation tactics such as yelling and insulting their targets. They’ve often blatantly lied or otherwise deceived their targets. They’re often run into cases of mistaken identity and continue to harass the wrong parties. Many debt collectors are not nice people because they operate in an environment where they are often treated in the same way, though that shouldn’t excuse their behavior.

The number one rule in this fight is that the informed consumer is one that stands the best chance of getting things resolved quickly. Debt collectors like picking the low hanging fruit and will use whatever shortcuts they can to get the job done.

Keep Everything

Before getting into what you should do, one bit of advice that is universally given in is that you should collect every piece of correspondence you receive. You should also keep written notes of phone calls, or record them if you have the capability (check to see what level of disclosure you need to provide in your state), in the event you need that information later. Many of the things you do will depend on dates, so keeping a written record of the date and time of the call is crucial. When you send the collector written correspondence, send it certified mail so you have record of when it is sent.


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