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Dealing with Debt Collectors - Watch video & Download our "Beat Bill Collectors System"

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Beat Bill Debt Collectors System

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Stop Junk Debt Buyers

Millions of people have been hard hit by the recession. People who once had high paying jobs are now out of work and are facing foreclosure on their homes and being sued by Junk Debt Buyers.

There are reports all over the Internet about people who has committed suicide due to their homes being foreclosed on and Junk Debt Buyers suing and taking everything a family has.

If you are not familiar with Junk Debt Buyers or JDB’s, they buy debts for pennies on the dollar from an original lender who wrote off the debt as a loss and tax deduction. The Junk Debt Buyers then can go after the debtor for the FULL amount of the debt including interest, late fees, penalties, etc due to a loophole in the laws.

If the debtor doesn’t pay, the JDB can SUE the debtor for the FULL AMOUNT. If they win, they can then garnish the debtors wages, bank account and take any assets. They can even get a court order to go into the debtor’s home and take ALL of their belonging.

Most of the banks and financial institutions received Billions of Dollars in Bail Outs which in many cases they used to buy jets, give themselves bonuses etc, while the tax payers / debtors who are suffering from the economy (caused by the banks excesses) got NOTHING.

This is not fair and millions of people are very angry about the Bank Bail Outs.

Here is our list of the worst debt collectors, along with their subsidiaries, phone numbers, and addresses.

Account Management Services
10965 Decatur Road, Philadelphia, PA 19156
Phone: (800) 220-0605, Fax: (215) 281-7512
65 Great Arrow Ave.. Buffalo, NY 14216
Phone: 716-874-8348    Fax: 716-447-8059
aka Account Management Svcs. of  North America, LLC
aka Account Management Services of New York, LLC
aka Account Management Services of Western NY, LLC
aka Account Management Services Rochester LLC
aka Account Management Services, LLC

AIS Services, LLC
50 California St. #1500, San Francisco, CA  94111
9320 Chesapeake Dr., San Diego, CA  92123
Phone:  800-743-4782   Fax:  415- 651-9333

Alegis Group, LP/Sherman Financial Group
260 E. Wentworth Ave., West St. Paul, MN, 55118
Bank of America Building, 200 Meeting St., #206,
Charleston, SC 29401-3187
15 South Main Street, #600, Greenville, SC 29601
Phone: 888-665-0374   864-678-8421   877-264-5884
Fax:     888-546-7697   864-370-4998
aka LVNV Funding, LLC
aka Sherman Financial Group, LLC
aka Ventus Capital Services
aka Performance Recovery Group
aka Receivables Management Solutions
dba Resurgent Capital Services, LP
dba Alegis Group, LLC
fka Sherman Acquisitions

AMO Recoveries
1825 Barrett Lakes Blvd., Ste 250,
Kennesaw, GA  30144
Phone: (770) 825-8032  Fax: (770) 825-8040
aka AZ Corp
aka Asset Management Outsourcing Recoveries, Inc.
fka Nationwide Recovery Service, Inc.

Arrow Financial Services
5996 W. Touhy Avenue, Niles, IL  60714
Phone: (847) 557-1100  Fax: (847) 647-1215

Asset Acceptance Corporation
28405 Van Dyke Avenue, Warren, MI  48092
Phone: (586) 446-7818    Fax: (586) 846-7837

Collect America aka CACV aka CACH, LLC
370 17th Street, Suite 5000, Denver, CO 80202-3050
Phone: (303) 296-3345    Fax: (215) 281-7522
Collect America, LTD (Div KRG Capital)
fka P. Scott Lowery Law Offices
aka (CACV, LLC) & (CACH, LLC)
dba CA Holding, Inc.
dba Astrum Financial, LLC
dba Autus, LLC
dba Argentum Resources, LLC
dba CA Internet Marketing, LLC
dba Candeo, LLC
dba Guardian Financial Corp.
dba Healthcare Funding Solutions, LLC
dba Impulse Marketing, LLC
dba Orsa, LLC
dba Refinance America, Ltd.
dba Valesco Data Services, LLC
(with call center in INDIA)
4500 Cherry Creek Dr. S. #700 Denver, CO
370 17th Street, #5000 Denver, CO

Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC
4050 Cotton Ctr Blvd, Phoenix, AZ  85040
Phone: (602) 667-0128    Fax: (602) 667-0686

2727 Paces Ferry Rd. 1 Paces West, Suite 1400,
Atlanta, GA  30339
Phone:  678-801-2352  Fax:  678-801-2355
*A victim of their own greed.  Virtually out of business due to the phony arbitration scheme they were involved in with the National Arbitration Forum.

Midland Credit Management Inc
8875 Aero Drive, Suite 200, San Diego, CA  92123
4302 E. Broadway Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85040
Phone:  858-309-6970   Fax:  858- 309-6977
aka Midland Funding, a sub. of  Encore Capital Group
aka MRC Receivables

More Star Consultancy LLC
3871 Harlem Road, Suite 8, Buffalo, New York  14215
aka Claims & Warrants
fka North American Asset Investigation Bureau, LLC
dba Litigation Consulting LLC
dba North American Asset Investigation Bureau, LLC
dba Final Claims Asset Locators, LLC
dba Integrity Resolution Group, LLC
dba Primer Line Financial, LLC

NCO Financial Systems, Inc.
507 Prudential Road, Horsham, PA  19044
Phone:  (215)  441-3000  Fax:  (215) 441-3923
aka NCO Group, NCO Financial Management, NCO Medclr

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC*
120 Corporate Blvd., Norfolk, VA  23541
 Phone:  (800) 772-1413    Fax:  (757) 321-2504
*a class action suit was filed against them on 12/17/09 in the Georgia Middle District Federal Court

RJM Acquisitions
575 Underhill Rd., Suite 224, Syosset, NY  11791
245 Eighth Ave. #272, New York, NY 10011
Phone:  (800) 541-0824

A division of Plaza Associates & Michael Kay collections.  Beware of "gift reward program" that reaffirms debts RJM claims they purchased.

An RJM Acquisitions subsidiary? 
Island National Group LLC
ATTN Scott Matte, 575 Underhill Blvd Ste 224,
Syosset, NY  11791

Unifund Group Corporation
10625 Techwoods Circle, Cincinnati, OH  45242
Phone:  888-384-8134 or 513-489-8877
Fax:  513-489-1875 or 513-489-7511
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