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GET the "Beat BIll Collector's System"

Even if they have no proof, or you never owed the amount claimed, once the collectors get a judgment against you attacking the underlying debt becomes much more difficult.  Even worse, once the debt has been legitimized by the Court system through the judgment, in many cases the collectors then have the ability to have law enforcement se-ize your assets and garnish your wages.

Once that has happened, an argument that you do not owe the debt or that it is for a different amount will often fall on deaf ears.  You need to protect your rights and the information in the "Beat Bill Collectors System" can help you do it. 

It includes Forms that you can edit in a word processor and then file at the couthouse you were served with.

This sytem gives you STRONG answers that in most cases will result in them backing off. They will see very quickly that you are not going to be the EASY deafult judgement. Since, over 90% will go uncontested. Why, bother you when the other do not put a fight and cost them time and money!

SO, Don't be the push over "DEFAULT JUDGEMENT"!

The "Beat Bill CollectorsSystem" is over 104 Pages PLUS Forms that you can edit and prepare your documents to take to the court clerk and file. This will save you thousands of dollars on Attorney fees and the bill that the debt collector is trying to collect on you. And judgments would then earn interest until paid and they can get very nasty with you once the courts have backed them up.

Even if you are reading this at 3am and need help.

Maybe you could not sleep over this.

Do yourself and your family some good by getting this system. Follow the simple instructions and go file your response to the summons.

The best part is that you can sleep at night!

We also give you a list of telephone tricks that we have learned so, the collectors can't BUG you.

In Fact, you can make it more of a game.

Get the peace of mind knowing you have some control over all of this.

So after purchase, within in minutes you will have

1) "Beat Bill Collector's System" - 104 Page Guide

2) Telephone Tips and Tricks Info + Silent Ringtone attachments!

( Let them call! :-)

3) Forms to respond - use a word processor to copy & paste and type in your responses to the complaint. Then go the the courthouse and file them!

4) Cease and desist Letters - Use these to stop them from calling you.

5) Verification Letters - Make them do some work. Use these after they send you a bill notification.


6) List of the SOL - Statute of Limitations as of Mar 2012 & List of the collection Laws and limitations listed by state.

So, With this system you are more on the OFFENSE, rather than pure Defense or no defense.


Retail Price was $ 250.00 - ON SALE NOW!

For only $ 37.00 for the complete

"Beat Bill Collectors System"-

Small price for peace of mind!

Retail Price: $250 Sale Only $37
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  • Instant Download! No Waiting For Days For Your book!
  • Electronic Format Saves Trees!
  • Easier to use. Easier to understand!

Retail Price: $250 Sale Only $37
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  • Instant Download! No Waiting For Days For Your book!
  • Electronic Format Saves Trees!
  • Easier to use. Easier to understand!


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